If you’re moving out of a rental property for the first time then it’s important that you understand what you need to do you get your bond back. One of the most important responsibilities you have as a tenant is to ensure the property is looking exactly how it did when you first moved in.

However, in some cases, your property owner might be more pedantic than you think, which is why it’s good to aim to have the property looking better than when you first moved in. You don’t want to risk losing out on the return of your bond, especially when it equates to about four weeks of total rent.

When you’ve decided to begin with the packing up and cleaning there is a few choices to be made. Firstly you need to decide whether you’re going to hire a professional cleaner to undertake the work or complete the cleaning yourself. In most cases, people will hire a professional to be safe and to ensure they get their bond back.

Usually, you’ll be advised that you need to have the property cleaned to ‘professional standards’ which means steam cleaning the carpets, scrubbing the toilet, scouring the shower, wiping the draws, making the fridge sparkle, depending on the size of the property it might be easier to hire a professional bond cleaner. If you feel as though you can handle it alone then there’s no reason you can’t just be prepared to use some elbow grease.

Key focus points – Remember knowledge is power

Carpeted Area

One of the most important areas to clean when looking to get your bond money back is the carpet. Nothing is more obvious then carpet stains and discolouration, which is why you must ensure these areas of your property are sparkling new. Most experienced tenants will advise that you invest in a professional carpet cleaner or hire a steam cleaner. Vacuuming just won’t cut it!

Glass Windows

Another obvious part of the property to clean are the windows, you should ensure that you clean both the interior and exterior of all windows on the property. Regular window cleaning products and techniques will be appropriate, but you need to make sure that you do a thorough job and think of the blinds or curtains as well.

Bathroom & Laundry

Cleaning every bathroom and laundry crevice is of high importance as this is a sanitary requirement as well as an aesthetic element. You should use a good amount of disinfectant and toilet cleaning products to ensure that you’re not leaving a bad smell or grime. Ensure all grouting is looking in the best shape possible and the corners of the showers are mould free.


If you have a large outdoor area or live in a rural set up, then you will need to spend a solid amount of time cleaning up the exterior. Not only should you complete exterior house washing, but you should clean up any items or junk lying on the ground or in the garden. Also make sure to clean up any green waste, do some weeding and give the area a good sweep.  The best way to dispose of green waste, landscaping rubbish and pavers is by hiring a skip bin.  Skip bins come in a range of sizes and are the perfect way to get rid of bulk waste at an affordable rate.

Walls and Doors

You should ensure that you clean all walls and doors of the property. Cleaning walls can be done with sugar soap and sponge mop, but you must wipe of all dust before using any liquid solutions. You’ll usually be expected to ‘spot clean’ any marks on the walls a cover any nicks and dents

Skirting Boards

One of the things that may slip your mind without an appropriate checklist is the skirting boards of the property; make sure you provide them a wipe down to collect any dust that may have built up.  It won’t take long but will be noticed if you forget

Cupboards and Sinks

Make sure you get a surface spray and get inside every crux of the cupboards to remove any grime, food or dust. You should also make sure you disinfect all sinks and wipe them all until they’re spotless. You don’t want to leave any food particles or dust that is highly unsanitary and leaves the house smelling.

Garage and Shed

You may be lucky enough to have a small garage with limited space to collect junk and mess, however a lot of tenants utilize this space for storage. If you’ve got lots of storage and items to clean from either your garage or shed then you also need to make sure that there aren’t any nasty stains, spider webs or general waste. Make sure you get some protective gloves on and begin to clean every aspect of this space. If you own a pressure washer then this is perfect for any outdoor floor and wall cleaning.