Office Cleaning Services – We do the Dirty Work so you don’t have too

Choosing the right office cleaning service is essential to the well-being of your company. A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting to customers and helps your business retain and increase its load of clients.

Buildings that are cleaned by MICA Cleaning demonstrate to clients a concern for detail on the part of the company housed therein, making these companies more attractive to prospective clients.

Whether you run a large business or small business, MICA Cleaning can help you maintain your offices, allowing you to take your company to the next level. MICA Cleaning is a top provider in the field of commercial office cleaning. Your company can hire us with the confidence that we will be able to meet all your commercial office building cleaning needs professionally, affordably, and efficiently.


Outsourcing cleaning services benefit an office in a multitude of ways.

Employees in a clean, tidy office work more efficiently than they would in a messy environment. Also, potential clients who visit a clean office leave with a favourable impression of the place. An office that hires Mica Cleaning is taking a positive step toward maintaining a professional-looking office environment.

Our office cleaning service also allows your employees to concentrate on their work. Some offices assign cleaning tasks to employees, but this takes away from productive time spent doing work and dealing with clients.

The MICA CLEANING team take care of all the important cleaning tasks that create a tidy office environment. For instance, our standard office cleaning services will include vacuuming the carpet, cleaning glass doors, dust the office furniture, empty the bins, and never forget to clean the office restrooms and staff kitchenette. We believe high standards are good standards.


Let us do the Dirty Work

Leave the cleaning to MICA Cleaning so your staff can concentrate on what they do best: growing your business. You play to your strengths while we play to ours. Contact MICA Cleaning today to learn more and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

The MICA Cleaning Difference

Mica Cleaning is Recognised as a one of Melbourne leading providers when it comes to commercial cleaning because we will use a hand picked team that are suited for the job. We understand there is always the chance of error or mistakes this is more so a reason for hiring a smaller cleaning team with a “Can Do’ approach will have issues resolved in no time so you can be sure that you will receive only the best from our team.

MICA CLEANING also has the equipment and experienced team members to handle the unique cleaning needs of a commercial office.

For example, our office building cleaning service has the cleaning solutions and supplies to clean an office restroom in an efficient, thorough manner. Employees don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals or touching surfaces with harsh cleaning residue on them.

Call MICA Cleaning on 03 8804-1555, have a team member at your location to inspect and quote ready to service you.