Do you have cobwebs on your furniture and under the eaves? Grime on your window sills, plants and deck? Weeds and dead leaves?  Mica Cleaning service can help you prep for an event as well as schedule regular cleanings of all your exterior spaces. The products we use are environmentally responsible, and all our workers are bonded and insured.

Our outdoor cleaning work including

Mica’s High pressure cleaning services can transform the appearance of your property. What was dull and faded can now be bright and welcoming! Has dirt become a problem? Are you no longer able to see or remember what colour your fence or paving actually is?  Using Mica High pressure services you will only be left speechless.

  • Alfresco and Entrainment Areas
  • Remove cobwebs and dirt from eaves, furniture, plants, decks and patios
  • Clean up bird and pet droppings
  • Remove dead leaves from all plants and the ground
  • Clean all furniture, planters, garbage cans, spa covers, heat lamps, umbrellas, grills
  • Wipe down doors and window sills

  • Wash windows and screens
  • Power wash walls, patios, porches and decks, fences, gates and gutters
  • Gully and Drain Cleaning
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Street Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Clearing the Way

With the Outdoor Cleaning -High Pressure Cleaning service, we offer tailored programs like strip & seal, tile & grout, graffiti removal, and driveway cleaning to suit your needs. We offer special incentives to valued commercial clients including real estate agents, builders, and local businesses.